The concept of wellness has gained increasing popularity in recent years, as more people become conscious of being pro-active about looking after their health and preventing disease.


Did you know that the Wellness concept has been a foundational principle of Chiropractic for well over 100 years?


Chiropractors have long recognised that health comes from the “inside-out”




The “inside-out” paradigm states that there are a number of internal factors in our bodies that can be controlled to a large degree by the healthy choices that we make, that play a critical role in determining our health.


The “outside-in” paradigm on the other hand, tends to blame the latest flu virus, changes in the weather, or the fact that someone else in the office was sick, for many of our common ailments.


Those internal factors that we can control, can be divided into 3 broader categories:

  • Physical Factors
  • Chemical Factors
  • Emotional and Spiritual Factors


health triangle

At Chiropractic Solutions, we believe that focussing on these 3 factors and ensuring a good balance between them is critical to maintaining good health, so much so that we regularly refer to the “Orange Health Triangle” that forms a part of our company logo.


Some of the fundamental principles in each category include:


  • Maintain correct body alignment and nervous system function
  • Regular exercise – cardio, strength and stretching
  • Get plenty of good quality rest


  • Healthy diet – fresh foods, variety, avoid artificial colours and flavours
  • Avoid household and industrial chemicals wherever possible – clean green!
  • Minimise use of ‘social stimulants’ such as caffeine and alcohol
  • Look for alternatives to using pharmaceutical drugs wherever possible

Emotional and Spiritual

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Have a sense of purpose about your life
  • Seek to resolve conflict and learn to forgive others

The majority of the chronic diseases that we see all around us occur because of a lack of attention to one or more of the above factors from the health triangle.



Your Chiropractor has a direct input into your physical wellbeing through regular chiropractic maintenance adjustments. He or she is also highly conscious of the importance of balancing all 3 sides of the triangle, and may advise you regarding diet, exercise, posture, rest, stress management, and other relevant topics.