3 Great Reasons to see a Chiropractor while pregnant and beyond...

  1. 50% of all pregnant women experience significant levels of back or pelvic pain during their pregnancy!
  2. If a woman has back pain in pregnancy she is 3 times more likely to experience back pain in labour!
  3. 77% of women who had back pain in pregnancy have persistent complaints post birth!


For most women pregnancy is not only a uniquely special experience, but also a time of enormous hormonal and physical change taking place in their own bodies.

The most obvious changes relate to a woman’s posture, which is a direct result of the changing centre of gravity brought about by the growing baby. As with any alteration from the ideal posture (1) this changing centre of gravity produces an increase in the stress and strain on spinal joints and their supporting muscles.




Additionally research has shown that surges in hormones like relaxin and oestrogen cause stretching of ligaments which increases the likelihood of joint dysfunction (subluxation) occurring as well as ligament instability(2) All of these changes can contribute to chronic discomfort throughout pregnancy, taking the shine off an otherwise amazing experience.


Chiropractic treatment (correction of subluxations) can improve spinal joint and muscular function in pregnant women, assisting their spine to become as strong and as flexible as possible. Chiropractic treatment has also been shown to decrease low back pain in pregnancy. (3) and has even been shown to shorten average labour times (4) a concept that would undoubtedly appeal to most pregnant women!


Helping the pelvis to become more stable and relaxed allows the joints to expand more freely during labour and settle more easily afterwards. This improves the ease of delivery, creating less stress and pressure on both the mother and the baby.


Our Chiropractors adapt their techniques to accommodate the changes in the mother’s body shape and her range of movement throughout all stages of pregnancy. Using our drop away tables we are able to treat women comfortably to the very end of their pregnancy.



Through the gentle, considered approach of your chiropractor, it is possible to improve your experience of pregnancy and ensure that your body is functioning optimally while you undertake the unparalleled task of bringing a new person (or persons!) into this world.


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