Good posture is often something that many people pay lip-service to. We all know that it is important, but not many of us do too much to try to keep our posture looking good.


Good posture is about much more than just looking good. Your posture is a reflection of what your musculo-skeletal system is doing on the inside.


Poor musculo-skeletal alignment will cause an increase on the amount of stress on your joints, ligaments and muscles. This increased stress makes those structures more susceptible to wear and tear – and wear and tear in the joints and ligaments is what we all know as osteo-arthritis.


Chiropractors are aware that poor spinal alignment can also cause spinal subluxations, which may have secondary effects on your general health due to nerve dysfunction.


At Chiropractic Solutions, we take posture very seriously.


postureOur chiropractors are trained experts at assessing your posture, and determining where the weak link in the chain may be. Once established, corrective adjustments and exercises can set you back on the path to good posture.


In some cases, long term postural changes have had the chance to “set-in” over many years, and may require more extensive treatment approaches to correct.

When this is the case, our chiropractors are trained to help you with our Structural Care Program – a specialised program of traction, exercises, and adjustments designed specifically to make gradual changes to long-established poor postural patterns.


We can show you examples of before and after x-rays of some of our previous success stories with improved posture after completing a Structural Care Program.


If you have concerns about your posture or that of someone close to you, why not talk to one of our Chiropractors.


Let Chiropractic Care help you to be the best that you can be.