Adjustment Techniques

There are many different techniques that chiropractors use to correct or adjust spinal subluxations, and at Chiropractic Solutions our practitioners will assess your individual circumstances and use a range of approaches most suitable to your condition and body-type.


These techniques may include:


  • Manual adjustments (a quick, light thrust to the spinal joints using the chiropractor’s hands)
  • Activator adjustments (using a gentle spring-loaded adjusting instrument applied to the spine)
  • Biomechanical blocking (wedges placed strategically under the patient’s hips to encourage muscle relaxation and gentle spinal correction)
  • Traction techniques


At times you may experience a small “pop” when a spinal joint is adjusted – this sound is created by the re-distribution of gasses and fluids within your joints. It is not the sound of cracking bones as is commonly believed. The loudness of the sound may vary in different circumstances and between different patients. Indeed, many chiropractic techniques produce no audible sound at all but are just as effective in restoring joint function.


In addition to spinal adjustments, our practitioners use a range of adjunctive techniques including muscle stretching procedures, triggerpoint and myofascial techniques, exercise recommendations and general lifestyle modification suggestions.


Our practitioners will discuss treatment options with you before commencing care to ensure that you are comfortable with the technique approach recommended for your condition. Regardless of which technique approach is agreed upon, you can rest assured that chiropractic treatment in general has an excellent safety record when applied gently and carefully by skilled practitioners.