We stock a number of products which will assist with your spinal care and general health –care.


We carry a range of foam rubber and latex contoured pillows designed to optimise your cervical spine position when sleeping. Check out our display in the atrium on your next visit to our practice.


We stock a range of high quality “off the shelf” orthotics for those who need a little extra support with their foot posture but don’t need a fully customised podiatric orthotic.

Posture Pole

A great stretching and posture aid for those who spend too many hours at the computer work station. Fantastic for cyclists who spend many hours hunched over the handlebars every week!

Home exercise aids

Swiss Balls


Neck Resistance Exerciser


A range of “Practitioner Only” supplements to counter common nutritional deficiencies.

Traction Aids

We stock a range of specialised home traction aids for use as prescribed by your chiropractor.

They include:

Cervical and Thoracic Denneroll

Lumbar and Thoracic foam bridges

Ice Packs

Re-usable icepacks for use with acute injuries.

The Therapeutic Use of Ice Fact sheet

Keep a couple in your freezer ready for when you next need some ice in a hurry!